Rational Medicine

Our aim is to reverse the trend towards irrational medicine – to deprecate both pseudoscience and inappropriate scepticism.

The Individual

  • It’s the individuals body
  • Rational medicine is participative
  • Doctor-patient is the appropriate decision making level
  • Preventative medicine is more important than treatment
  • Science should search for cures not profitable treatment
  • Give the power back to the doctors and patients

Corporate Medicine

  • Profits from the sick
  • Large-scale randomised clinical trials are of little importance to treating a patient
  • Decision science is not statistics
  • Sociology is not cybernetics

Real Science

  • Was described by Karl Popper
  • Was made formal by Ray Solomonoff
  • Is driven by direct observation, measurement, and replication
  • Does not provide absolutes, such as proof

Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM)

  • Is scientifically invalid
  • Is irrational
  • Breaks the laws of decision science
  • Should be disregarded and deprecated

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