Scientific behaviour can be classified as appropriately under cybernetics as under logic. 

Sir Peter B. Medawar (1915 – 1987)

This blog is dedicated to scientific decision making particularly for medicine and health. We are taking a cybernetic approach. Cybernetics is the science of control systems. It applies to all system but particularly biology, economics, and machines. Cybernetics does not recognise the normal discipline boundaries. We respect no special pleading for particular areas or disciplines. All must obey the laws of science as induction and be consistent with information theory.

This site exists to provide a focus to all those who want science to be based on hypothesis, experiment, and refutation. Simplicity and ease of refutation provide for the rapid advancement rarely seen in medicine over the last half century. Let’s get back to real science.


This site is for scientific information and education only. It is clearly not intended to provide medical or other advice – only information. The site has a no censorship and no malice policy. The internet is a forum for free speech. Readers are expected to take responsibility and use their own judgement in reviewing or using the information presented.

Newlyn Research Group

The Newlyn Research Group comprises a number of research scientists and responsible people interested in a return to basic science and cybernetics. Post a comment to contact the NRG.

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