People wishing to avoid or recover from cancer are often not provided with sufficient information. Most government advice and that of corporate medicine is based on population statistics. On average it may be of some interest but it provides almost no utility for someone making decisions about their own health. Doctors are also given data derived from groups, much of which is inappropriate for treating individual patients.

Preventing Cancer

Cancer prevention involves taking action to minimise individual risk. Most people are aware that they need to avoid smoking tobacco, inhaling asbestos, and unnecessary radiation. Here we are mainly concerned with nutrition. In particular, dietary antioxidants provide the main approach for an individual wishing to minimise their personal risk.

Treating Cancer

Corporate medicine has a poor record of treating cancer. In the early stages or when growth is localised surgery can be curative. However, the big killers involve cancer that has spread. The heuristic is that radiation and chemotherapy will generally not cure the patient. Take chemotherapy, which can be an effective treatment for the disease in children or some relatively rare adult cancers. In most adult cancer, chemotherapy does not extend life. The benefits to an individual patient, where they exist, are generally small. So for example an extension of life by say 2% (or perhaps 20 days) may require weeks or months of nausea, vomiting and induced illness.  The treatment harms all cells including the healthy ones.

Here we are concerned with treatments that specifically target tumour cells leaving healthy cells undamaged. Mostly, this involves nutrition and occasionally drugs. The primary focus is on individuals making the decision to maintain their own health freedom, and medical professionals involved in participative medicine.

Cancer Background

We have released two books on cancer:

Cancer: Nutrition and Survival

A readable scientific account of cancer as a redox driven evolutionary process. Cancer is an inevitable result of the controls in multicellular organisms balanced against the urge for single cells to survive. The book describes the prevention and treatment of cancer using nutrition.

The Cancer Breakthrough

A “how to” book for people with cancer who want to live a longer healthier life. It is possible to live by keeping apparently terminal cancer under control. In some cases it may be possible to be cancer free by modifying the diet. The background research is presented in Cancer: Nutrition and Survival.


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