Rainbow Bear Returns

Recently, the mainstream media described the results of a request to put a health claim on bottled water. The manufacturers wished to claim that drinking water prevents dehydration.

Specifically, they wanted to include the statement “regular consumption of significant amounts of water can reduce the risk of development of dehydration”.

Since the word dehydration means lack of water, Rainbow Bear expected there would be no problem with this assertion. But she was wrong. The media reported:

“A European Food Safety Authority report stated that low levels of water in body tissue was a symptom of dehydration rather than a risk factor that could be controlled by drinking water.”

In other words, the European Food Safety Authority think that lack of water is not caused by a deficiency of water but is a symptom of it. Rainbow Bear thought the “scientists” involved should try the experiment themselves; if they were drinking whiskey to prevent their dehydration, it might explain their response.

Rainbow Bear could not resist telling Dr Grouch of this bizarre situation.


Rational Patients

What the medical system needs is rational patients.

Rational patients ask for the relevant information and make their own judgements. For some strange reason some medical professionals believe that they alone can make decisions. When challenged, they appeal to patients not having the necessary medical training or education. They they often claim that their decisions are uniquely important as they involve life and death. By contrast, their patients made several life or death decisions while driving or walking to the surgery. 

When patients start demanding rational treatment that works for them, medicine will have started on the long road leading to helping support good health…