Rational Medicine?

Evidence-based medicine, or EBM, is the current gold standard for clinical regulations. To its practitioners, it seems obvious that medicine should be based on the “best” evidence. Furthermore, they claim that Evidence-based Medicine is scientific and brings an old discipline up to date.

We have looked closely at EBM. Our conclusions are astounding:

  • EBM is NOT scientific: it is concerned with legal evidence, rather than scientific data
  • EBM does not conform to the scientific method
  • EBM selects its evidence and is disturbingly biased
  • EBM breaks the rules of numerous disciplines, including information theory and cybernetics
  • EBM is inadequate for selecting treatments for individual patients
  • Thus, a rational patient (or doctor) should reject EBM as useless!

We could go on. However, our new book Tarnished Gold: The Sickness of Evidence-based Medicine explains the issues fully and suggests an alternative approach.

Comments from early reviewers suggest that some people may find the book’s content disconcerting. It is disorienting to discover that “evidence-based” medicine does not make sense. However, evidence is not the same as science, data, or information. Science-based medicine would have the acronym SBM, which most people would probably think goes without saying! Unfortunately, when it comes to EBM, the stark fact is that the emperor has no clothes.

Tarnished Gold examines the weaknesses of EBM from a variety of intellectually challenging perspectives. We suspect that readers who take the trouble to follow the arguments will conclude, as we did, that EBM is dangerously irrational.

Tarnished Gold Cover

The book is available on Amazon here and shortly on kindle.


One Response to Rational Medicine?

  1. I have read the book and it is an eye opener. It also opens the road for a new approach of evidence based nutrition (EBN).

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